Monday, September 19, 2011

Ikea for dinner

On another day, I brought them to Ikea Tampines. Cousins Shermaine and Denise also joined us. The kids wanted to play at the playground but the waiting time was more than an hour! We waited and waited... but gave up in the end after almost an hour's wait.

Once we reached there, the kids wanted hotdog for snack.

After the wait, we went for dinner at the restaurant. They slurped everything... As if not enuf, they asked for ice-cream after that!


Daddy's working now so Mummy din bring the kids too far during the school hols. On one of the days, I brought them to the nearby playground. See how happy they were...

Teacher's Day 2011

The kids celebrated Teacher's Day on 1 Sep. This year, MOE changed Teacher's Day from 1 Sep to the 1st Friday of September. Again, it was a headache thinking of what to get for the teachers. In the end, Mummy drew these and got the kids to color them, framed on Ikea frames for the teachers. Also got some rock candies too. A big thanks to the teachers!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Out came the 1st tooth

Finally, after almost 3 months of waiting, Alicia dropped her 1st milk tooth at 6 yrs 5 mths 2 wks and 3 days old. She was brushing her teeth in the morning when she went calling, "Mummy, mummy.. come out already!!" After she rinsed off the blood, she said, "Aiya.. not pain one what." : )

2 weeks later, the 2nd tooth came off. This time, it was while we were on our way home in the car from her gym class.

She's lucky that there's no sign of bo-geh cos her 2 new teeth grew before the milk tooth dropped.

Doing homework

Caden loves doing homework... at least for now. Not that he has from school, but he will always bring out the books and stationery and start writing n coloring. He'll repeat this for many times in the day. He wants to do it on his own and doesn't like it when I sit down beside him to guide him.

Look at these 2 pcs of work which he did.

1. I was wondering what he was doing with Alicia's maths book. Was puzzled when I saw the answer and only realised later that he was following the serial number!

2. He wrote nos. 1-10 and A-Z on his own. Look at how he wrote his M. So funny looking...

Specs for Brandon

Upon the referral of his school, Mummy brought Brandon to Health Promotion Board to check his eyes. He has been diagnosed with astigmatism of 180 n 200. Sigh... gotta wear specs to let him see better when looking far. We brought him to J8 to prescribe a pair of specs. After going to 3 shops, he still preferred this pair from Shop 1. Nice??


Look at my Nerf boys. They love playing Nerf with Daddy...

Swim & Gym classes updates

Both Alicia & Brandon have been promoted from Beginners level to Level 2 for their gymnastics class. Congrats to them!!!

As for their swimming, they've managed to grasp the breast stroke and are now learning free style. Mummy has always thought that Brandon would do better in swimming compared to Alicia as she's afraid of water since young. However, she has gone far and exceeded our expectations. She loves the water and can swim at the deep pool without the float anymore. Well done, Alicia! As for Brandon, maybe it's cos of his playful nature, he's still struggling without the float - his strokes go haywire whenever he's nervous!

Once in a while, Caden will follow along...

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Singapore Art Museum

Brought the kids to Singapore Art Museum, on Hari Raya Puasa holiday cos it's free admission. Have been wanting to bring them there cos of the Children's Art Garden... finally made it! It being free, there were many children. : ( But I'm glad that other than looking at the exhibits, the kids got to play some of them.

Er-gu's Birthday

We also celebrated Er-gu's birthday in August. It happened to be Ah Ma's Lunar birthday on that day.

Excursion to Gardenasia

The kids' school organised a field trip to a mushroom farm and Gardenasia at Kranji. This is the 1st time that our family went together on a school organised trip. We took the same bus instead of separating them according to their classes.

Waiting in school for the bus

Gardenasia, an eco-garden. An interesting place as kids get to interact with the plants.

Best of all, they get to pot a plant on their own!

Last visit to USS

Daddy & Mummy made a trip to USS on the last day of our annual pass. The main purpose was for us to play the Rapid Adventures at the Jurassic Park. It was a 2-hr wait, jus nice for our lunch to settle in. Altho we put on the poncho, we were all drenched! Daddy took the Battelstar Galactica ride for the last time too.